Guangdong Gaozhou nursing home for the elderly because of the mouth smashed three people after the death

A 72-year-old man, a nursing home in Guizhi Town, Gaozhou City

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Jiangsu initiates the reform of old - age insurance institutions

Aspect 2 payment policy personal payment wages 3 times cap 60% care reform will no longer implement the original organs and institutions staff retirees

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Woman crying and laying notice: two firefighters brother are lost

This is Wang Yaru to find her two brothers - lost fireman Wang Shengmin, Wang Shengpeng the fourth day

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The State Council shall cancel the examination and approval of non-administrative licensing

Will be 84 non-administrative licensing examination and approval matters for the government internal examination and approval matters

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Personnel Department: has abolished 149 State Department departments to set vocational qualification

The cancellation of professional qualifications has been a year and a half now

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National People 's Self - enrollment test "Harbin shooting case" Peking University test Guo Mei Mei

A total of more than 1,900 candidates to participate in Peking University Autonomous Entrance Examination

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India to display "big country balance surgery": with the United States and Japan at the same time military exercise

China and India jointly held anti - terrorism joint training in Yunnan, China

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Japan's first to participate in the US-Australian military exercise "wins the island" training or against China

The Japanese land self-defense forces in the United States and Australia during the day to participate in the exercise of the military conducted a hypothetical attempt to recapture the enemy from the hands of the landing operations joint training

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The United States the main battle warship captain drunk female subordinates were dismissed

Sorenson was in a chair outside the bar with a female subordinate

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CCTV to restore the "Oriental Star" shipwreck key process

The discovery and confirmation of extreme storms during the incident occurred throughout the investigation

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Shenyang City, the former vice mayor Qiming, Tieling municipal party committee secretary Wu Yusong was investigated

From the network) According to the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection

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Strong typhoon caused by heavy rainfall in northeastern Japan

Miyagi, Fukushima two counties of the northeast, Ou Yu, fairy stone and other lines of ordinary train from the beginning of the departure from the start

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Secret: Shandong three vice mayors why do the sea after the trip to do this line

Shandong in the office of the resignation of the first person Zhang Yuhua airborne Heze 4 years after the sea and Xia Fangchen the local growth of the officials are different

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Iraq Baghdad bombings more than 200 deaths (Figure)

Iraqi capital Baghdad 3 occurred in the suicide car bomb attacks

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New York Los Angeles bomb attack threatens police chiefs to "face"

Los Angeles City Councilor Joe Baskano's two children attend school at the Los Angeles Joint School District

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Ecuadorian President: A Sangqi will be interrogated at the Eritrean Embassy

Web site founder A Sangqi recently in Ecuador in London Embassy to accept the trial

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How do we protect our health?

Masks, air purifier hot

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