Zhejiang Suichang rescue gold 72 hours: the barrier lake is a big problem

Rescue workers in Zhejiang Lishui Suichang landslide disaster area disinfection
In the new network Suichang October 2 (Reporter Zhao Ye Jiao He Jiang Yong intern Mei Fangyan) by the typhoon "catfish" impact, September 28 17:28 Xu, Suichang County, Zhejiang Province, North Village Su Village Village natural village landslide hazard occurred. Up to now, has confirmed that causing casualties. Zhejiang disaster relief forces surmount, and death race. At present, "rescue gold 72 hours" has passed, the rescue work is still in an orderly manner. At 19:00 on the 28th, a burst of rapid calls, so that the meeting was in Zhejiang Province Jinhua Military Commander Cheng Youmin quickly got up, when he learned that Su village landslide disaster occurred, quickly convened troops divided into two, forming 108 rescue team, Carrying 12 heavy equipment, 5 life detector, the first time flying to the disaster area to participate in the rescue. When Jinhua military forces arrived in the disaster area, presented in front of Cheng Youmin scene is that some villages were buried, the road was cut off, originally only 56 square meters wide rural road, due to mountain debris impact deformation or even cracking, heavy machinery and equipment can not enter The The first arrived in the armed police Lishui detachment Suichang squadron first batch of officers and men are using a pair of hands to remove the boulder, start rescue. Rescue scene. He Jiang Yong photo At that time, the disaster area is still gravel even fall from the mountains, secondary disaster warning has not yet eliminated, rescue officers and men rushed into the scene, looking for signs of life. Subsequently, from all sides of the rescue forces gradually assembled. September 30 at 2 pm, Suichang county, Suichang county government on the Soviet Union villagers landslide accident held a second press conference, according to the press conference, from Zhejiang Province, public security, armed police, fire, militia and rams, etc. Around the social rescue forces a total of more than 4,000 people, carrying life detector 43, 2 unmanned aerial vehicles, large machinery and professional rescue vehicles more than 180 Taiwan, maritime satellite phone 6, 2 slope monitoring device to start, plus The medical services, etc., formed a three-dimensional rescue array. After day and night without interruption to rescue, today is the fourth day of rescue. To participate in the rescue of the armed police Lishui detachment captain Guo Bofeng said the detachment is armed with the armed forces, hydropower forces, the southern theater army, rocket army and other military forces to carry out joint rescue. 9 am today, the Armed Police Traffic Detachment of the eighth detachment of the team focused on "gold 72 hours" to form a "pull network" search, they found in the collapse of a car overturned overturned vehicles. Search and rescue team officers and men, by looking at the car material, integration of owners information and related documents, found the owner of a doctor, but whether the buried personnel have not yet confirmed. The search and rescue units of the search and rescue units for the collapse of the river to block the formation of the river barrier lake, the lake, vaguely visible collapse of the collapse of the house and a river flooded van, sub-captain Wang Haoliang sent a group of search and rescue personnel driving charge Boat to the core area of ​​search and rescue, after a half hour of careful search and communication with the local people, and ultimately determine the four personnel may be buried. September 30, rescue workers in Zhejiang Lishui Suichang landslide disaster area disinfection. China News Agency reporter He Jiangyong fence Lake is the current disaster area is facing a larger problem. As of today 20:00, the road excavation of the lake has made progress. Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province in Jinhua Army infantry 73051 troops, through the crucial, will be blocking the lake life-saving channel, from Jinhua to Suichang direction open up 180 meters, for heavy machinery to create the conditions for entry. "The lake is still, underwater there is submerged housing. How to stratify the precipitation method, so that the water down to re-excavation, is placed in the current one problem. Rams emergency deployment of heavy-duty diving salvage team, At the same time start the air transport plan, rushed to the disaster area to prepare the weir lake underwater exploration operations, to prepare for contingencies. "Ram president of the joint meeting chairman, founder He Jun said. Scene, "white angel" who are also in action. According to the latest news briefings reported at the second press conference, after the disaster, Zhejiang Province, city, county and town health care institutions quickly opened the injured green channel, medical team, epidemic prevention team, psychological intervention physician and hospital Before the first aid force race against time to rescue the wounded, full of death with the race. 10 injured in the hospital get the first time treatment, the injured mostly fractures and soft tissue contusion, vital signs stable. Pregnancy more than 26 weeks pregnant leaves show one of the earliest rescued survivors, when the rescue staff arrived, the mud flow has risen to her neck, she was holding the belly in the water to adhere to the arrival of the fire brigade, as witnessed The eldest daughter was swept away by the flood, and for a long time soaked, with left leg fracture, the leaves were rescued by the fire brigade when the emotional instability. In order to ensure that the leaves show and the belly of the safety of the fetus, at present, accounted for Ye Xiu in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University for treatment, the fastest one week after surgery to treat leg injury. "Keep the child, cure mother, we will make every effort." Zhejiang Medical Second Hospital emergency department director Zhang Mao said. The current "catfish" power has been weakened, its impact everywhere everywhere ... ... Today is the National Day, the parties involved in disaster relief efforts are still fighting in the front line, they are the most beautiful adhere to the disaster area to bring warmth and hope. (Finish)

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