Guiyang sent a group of people to steal a peer package US group: will dismiss

Guiyang Baidu take away meal meal incident Department of the United States takeaway franchisee large cat cat source of logistics Co., Ltd. Guiyang (Creek) Station 19-year-old staff Fan Mou personal
For the surging news "published in the" Guiyang a take-away meal service to steal peer meals, due to low prices were Guiyang police warned, "US group take-off December 1 to surging news sent to the situation that, After investigation, Guiyang Baidu take away meal meal event Department of the United States takeaway franchisee large cat cat source of logistics Co., Ltd. Guiyang (Creek) station 19-year-old staff Fan Mou personal, because the day where the site feeding meal meal, young and fit Fan Mou took away a parallel take-away car in a takeaway lunch, will be dismissed. Baidu take-away November 30 through the official microblogging informed that the evening of November 29, the Guiyang station feeders in Guiyang City, a small district parking lot, suffered another side take-off meal meal, the current parties have Alarm to the police station. Guiyang City Public Security Bureau of the South Branch of the station after the police station staff on December 1 confirmed to the surging news, due to theft of low prices, the plot is minor, coupled with stolen takeaway employees have forgiven the theft of food service, the police have been stolen meals A warning. December 1, the US group take away to the surging news sent to the situation. For the event occurred in Guiyang City Baidu take away meal meal, the US group take-away with the relevant units to complete the investigation. The investigation, Fan Mou 19 years old, just two weeks ago to become a takeaway Creek station rider, had no criminal record. Due to the amount involved is low, the circumstances are minor, the police on Fanmou a warning and education. It is understood that Fan Mou has apologized to the parties, and that compensation, but was rejected by the other site, and made the matter by the company headquarters. "We are also willing to apologize for the young rider to lose their friends, which is a timely reminder for us to strengthen the management of the franchisee distribution team," said the US consortium in the response.

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