"Guilty of miscarriage of the police," the prison guards were dismissed by the director clerk down to the clerk

Sichuan Provincial Prison Administration decided to carry out a period of three months in the province's prisons
Beijing, November 18 news, 18 reporters from the Sichuan Provincial Prison Administration was informed that the Sichuan Provincial Garrison police in Beijing has been severely dealt with, according to the "Administrative Office of the Civil Service Regulations," the relevant provisions of the prison on the police involved To be administrative dismissal, and reduce the two duties level, by the original director of the clerk to the clerk. It is reported that to learn by analogy, to strengthen the province's prison people's police force management, the Sichuan Provincial Prison Administration decided to carry out a period of 3 months in the province's "strict style, to mention quality, strong management" discipline special education rectification activities. It is understood that the province of Sichuan province police will focus on "into the police why", "for the police than what", "from the police to do what" three topics focus on the discussion; around the police political awareness, the rule of law awareness, sense of purpose, Integrity, awareness, responsibility, team management, supervision and inspection and other aspects of in-depth development of "ten investigation ten correction." The province's prisons will further increase the intensity of strict management team, in-depth development of the situation policy preaching, strict implementation of the "ten forbidden" regulations and police management outside the eight hours, to carry out large rectification activities. At the same time, combined with the work of large training, two police joint contest work, continue to deepen the "safe prison, the rule of law prison, information prison, cultural prison" construction, to promote the comprehensive development of Sichuan prison.

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