Jilin 52-year-old man involved in intentional homicide police reward 50,000 yuan wanted

Jilin Siping City police issued a reward report
Recently, Jilin Siping City police issued a reward report: November 13 afternoon, Siping City Tiexi District Pingxi Village Qin Village six groups occurred with intentional homicide case. Suspect Li Haipeng after the incident, riding electric cars to escape, the police reward 50,000 yuan to arrest. Report the award date as of December 31, 2016. Informed that Li Haipeng, male, 52 years old, residence address for the Phoenix City, Liaoning Province, Phoenix City Office Yingbin nine groups. Height 178cm ~ 180cm, body thinner, Hui people, hair from the volume, stubble stubble heavy. Escape when riding a dark blue electric car (left on the mirror lost, electric car backpack), dressed in light gray Jackets, blue jeans, dark casual shoes. Informed by the Siping City Public Security Bureau issued, and in the notification left the police contact telephone. Siping City Tiexi Public Security Bureau Wang Deputy Director: 18543411707, Wang captain: 18543411709, Interpol Brigade on duty Tel: 0434-3159066, accompanied by a suspect photo. Wang captain said the suspect to the direction of Inner Mongolia to flee, I do not know whether to carry a weapon, to escape, he did not prepare property. Suspect may have suicidal tendencies, if found unnamed body, height and other characteristics of the suspect, but also with the police contact.

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